Pioneer Physiotherapy College conducts a 4 ½ years BPT program. The current intake of students is 25 per batch, and is expected to be 60 students per batch from next year.

Pioneer Physiotherapy College has one 100 bedded hospital (New Life Hospital) attached to it in the same campus. The strength of OPD patients is around 40-50 per day. A wide variety of patients ranging from neurological, orthopedic, pediatrics, cardio-pulmonary, obesity, obstetric and gynecology, surgery etc  are treated both on first contact basis as well as through referrals from different departments.


Dissection Hall

The state-of-the-art 800 sq.ft clean & brightly-lit hall ensures adequate space for cadaver dissection and learning. We also have specimens which are used both for demonstration and self study by the students. Mummified bodies and illustrative charts are displayed for teaching surface anatomy of different organs. Articulated as well as disarticulated skeletons are also made available for the students during their routine dissection hours.

Colored printouts of labeled microanatomy sections are displayed for ready reference by the students during the routine practical sessions. The lab is also equipped with tissue processing instruments, for making slides for the purpose of teaching.

Physiology Practical Laboratory

The physiology practical laboratory is fully equipped with all the latest equipments required, Viz. ECG system, PFT apparatus, Sphygmomanometers, microscopes, slides etc.

Bio-medical Physics Laboratory

The Bio-medical Physics Laboratory is fully equipped with the required equipments such as Deflection magnetometer, Post-office box, CVAT, Spectrometer etc.

Exercise-Therapy and Electrotherapy Laboratories

This laboratories have De-Lorme’s table exerciser, Shoulder pulley and wheel, Bicycle ergometer, Treadmill, Suspension therapy unit, Short wave Diathermy, LASER therapy unit, Ultrasound etc

Lecture Halls, Demonstration and Seminar rooms

The air-conditioned lecture halls with a seating capacity of 60 are fitted with OHP, slide projector and data projector.

Departmental Library

The library houses around 500 books and journals which help students and faculty to enrich themselves with the latest developments in research. The library also has internet facility, many e-books and other database for the development of teaching staff and students.


Hostel facility with 24 hour water and electricity, provision of hot water for bath, water cooler, canteen

Other Facilities

Xerox facilities, internet facility for both teaching staff and students, Scanner, Fax machine, Printer.